Home remedies for a smooth and shiny hair

Every woman desires for a smooth, long and shiny hair.

Though it takes time to grow long hair and many hours in a day for maintaining such long hair. One should taake care by preventing hairfall prevention due to our irregular food habits and hair turning rough by exposing more to pollution. Here are some powerful foods and tips for a smooth, ong and shiny hair within an hour.

1)  Walnut

Walnut and walnut oil are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which is present in other non-vegetarian foods like fish. Omega 3 helps in developing kerotine that helps in making hair long and strong from the roots.

2)  Fruit Yoghurt

Fruit Yoghurt should be taken daily either for lunch or dinner. This contains hair building proteins that helps in keeping the hair strong.

3) Salads

Have more salads containing celery, tomatoes and olives in your meal. These are rich in phosphorus that is an excellent source for keeping your hair shiny.

4) Water

Drink plenty of water which helps in keeping the hair moist and shiny.

5) Almonds

Almonds are an excellent source of protein not only for your entire body but also for your hair. Take 15 grams of almonds in your breakfast to keep your hair and body hydrated throughout the day.

6) Use fruit based shampoo

Use fruit based shampoo for washing your hair regularly. Fruit based shampoo are less in Formaldehyde, Sodium Laurel sulphate  and Diethanolamine.

7)Wash your hair with drinking water

Wash your hair with drinking water/mineral water as it is soft in nature. Soft water is an excellent cleaner for your hair.

8) Use Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an excellent natural astringent that cleans your hair and makes it soft and shiny.

9) Avoid Alcohol

Drinking Alcohol uses all the proteins in your body and does not supply any protein to the body  making your body and hair dull and eventual loss of hair.

10) Avoid Smoking

Smoking adds toxins to your body and such toxins mixing with  blood spoils the mineral balance in your body giving results like dull skin, dull hair and hair loss.

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