10 Best Ways For Obesity Control

More than 85% of population in U.S.A, Canada and Australia are declared obese by WHO. Obesity kills more people than underweight. The reasons for obesity can be hereditary, lack of exercise and overeating. Make time for workout even in your busy schedule. The initial signs of obesity are fat thighs, fat buttocks and breasts. If you are able to detect this early you can reduce your weight by following these 5 simple tips and adding these 5 simple foods in your diet.


  1. strawberry- strawberries are excellent in antioxidant and vitamin C having a bowl of strawberries keep you healthy and hydrated.strawberry
  2. celery- celery roots are excellent food for bones and have high antioxidant properties.salad
  3. Barley-Barley is an excellent food source of protein and minerals and over all food source that keeps you healthy.Barley
  4. wheat grass-wheat grass is rich in fibre and antioxidants and acts as an excellent fat cutter.wheatgrass
  5. soya milk-soya milk is an excellent substitute for milk and more nutritious than milk that even lactose intolerants can have it.


  1. Exercise – Exercise is as essential as eating for body. Do simple work out like jogging aerobics which keeps your body fit in shape.
  2. Swimming-Swimming is an excellent work to keep you in great shape. Swim for 45 minutes a day and people who can’t swim should take up swimming as an exercise.
  3. Avoid Alcohol- Alcohol multiplies fat in your body and causes liver and heart damage including cardiac arrest.
  4.  Smoking- Smoking fills toxins in your blood and supplies impure blood to the heart making you feel less energitic and also causes bowel disorders.
  5. Red meat- Red meat should be avoided and can be preferred with emu meat and chic peas as a source of protein.

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