4 effective ways to avoid Bedbugs.

Pests are an unavoidable menace and need to be exterminated on a daily basis. Bed bugs are disgusting insects that feed on you and leave painful bite marks and  crawl around you while you sleep so you definitely do not want them and would try to get rid of them  Although you may not find time to vaccum clean your home on your busy week days, Here are some natural options to help remove bedbugs although you sometimes need chemicals to help fight big infestations .
Natural solutions can work wonders and are safe for your family  while.
 Firstly  try  food grade diatomaceous earth this powder works really well and will kill bedbugs once they come in contact with it it is completely non-toxic and you can even use it under your sheets.
Secondly lavender works really well as a deterrent simply put a few drops of lavender oil around your bit and it will keep bedbugs away.

 Thirdly give tea tree oil a trap it works the same as lavender oil but you can also use it in your washing machine just make sure you’re okay with the small and that it agrees with you this will keep all sorts of insects away including bed bugs.Hot wash all linen bedding and any other items that may have come in contact with bed bugs the heat will kill the bedbugs and bring you some relief.
Lastly hire or buy a decent steam cleaner and use it onyour carpets, beds and anywhere else where bed bugs might be hiding up the heat kills them instantly and this is an extremely effective natural can kill bedbugs instant by applying some  alcohol.  Double-checking important areas such as head boards and bed frame for bed bugs as it is a commonplace for them and lastly use a decent vacuum cleaner in areas where bedbugs could be hiding.

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