vitamin C An essential elixir for your body

 A busy schedule and roaming in a pollutive environment drop your water levels in your body. However, your immune system reacts fast retaining a certain amount of water until there is an intake of water again by you and this may go unnoticed in your busy schedule and a frequent practice of this is the main reason for kidney damage and stones development in the kidneys.
In such a scenario Vitamin C helps in retaining the water levels in your body and flush out the stones that develop in the kidneys and other toxins from the liver. Our immune system regularly requires vitamin C which helps in detox process and flushing out the toxins from the digestive system maintaining your entire body healthy and clean.
lemon juice for health
  • Vitamin C helps in fighting diseases and acts as an excellent protector from lung diseases.
  • Vitamin C also flushes the bile waste from your system and helps to maintain a healthy colon.
  • A glass of lemon Juice with Honey a day is an elixir for your body.
  • Avoid aerated drinks and carbonated water/sodas.Vitamin C helps a lot in keeping away from body odor. Vitamin C helps in maintaining a healthy nervous system and prevents nervous breakdown and other nervous disorders.
  • Vitamin C keeps your gums and teeth healthy keeping bad breath away.
  • Vitamin C helps in purifying your lungs
  • Vitamin C is essential to keep your bones healthy and strong.
  • Vitamin C helps a lot in having a pain-free and timely periodical cycles every month among women.

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